CTL Eurocollege in Limassol offers 3 scholarships (30% discount on tuition fees for one year) for European Youth Carholders, who are interested in one of the following academic fields:

  • Business Administration (Diploma or Bachelor)
  • Office Administration (Diploma)
  • Marketing and Public Relations (Diploma)
  • Tourism Office management (Diploma)
  • Hotel Management (Diploma)
  • Computer Science (Diploma)
  • Computers Technician (Diploma)
  • Game Programming Technician (Diploma)

The applications must include a copy of the applicants’ high school diploma and their ID/Passport and may be submitted with one of the following ways:

  1. By post, at the address: CTL Eurocollege, C/O Katerina Christophidou, 118 Spyrou Kyprianou Ave, 3077 Limassol, Cyprus.
  2. By e-mail at katerinach@ctleuro.ac.cy or
  3. By fax at 25736629 (C/O Katerina Christophidou)